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“Age is Just a Number” – Nvest Nsights Q1 Newsletter Articles

The 1st quarter was one of the strongest starts to a new year in the last two decades.  It followed an equally unsettling period over the final 3 months of 2018 which significantly damaged investor sentiment, making the swift rebound another textbook example revealing just how challenging would be market timing.   This quarter’s newsletter contains four brief […]

Excited About That Tax Refund? Think Again!

Another tax filing season is quickly drawing to a close, and for many people that means the anticipation of a sizable refund headed their way.  The IRS indicates that about 80% of taxpayers receive a refund, with the average being around $3,000.  That’s a nice chunk of cash! What’s not to be excited about?

1Q Resoundingly Strong; but Conflicting Signals Emerging – Week Ended 3/29/19

The 1st Quarter concluded with each month firmly in positive territory and a cumulative advance for the S&P500 of +13.6% – a sharp reversal from the experience suffered closing out 2018.  Interesting fact: since 1950 there are only 19 examples of the S&P500 starting a year with positive performance in January, February, and March and […]

Bull’s 10th Birthday Brings Little Fanfare – Week Ended 3/8/19

It was just the 2nd down-week of the year, but below the surface many individual names have been consolidating since mid-February.  The S&P500 gave back -2.1%, but the more cyclical and strongest YTD performing areas are pulling back more sharply with transportation stocks down -3.3% and small-caps off -4.3% (Russell 2000).  This weakness should embolden […]


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