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Start to October May Conjure Spooky Memories – Week Ended 10/11/19

On the heels of a September which was generally attractive, the markets entered October again looking spooky. In fact, like a year ago where the high for the year was observed on September 21, the S&P500 was off almost 4% between September 20 and October 2. That could be eerie for anyone paying close attention. […]

“September Crazy” & “Big FAT Yields” – Nvest Nsights Q3 Newsletter

Despite persistent and worrisome headlines dominating the news flow all year, US Stocks enter the 4th quarter with their biggest YTD gains in more than two decades.  In this quarter’s update, the article “September Crazy” discusses why the current bull market – which began 127 months ago and is now the longest in US history […]

Transitioning From A “Saver” to a “Spender” In Retirement

I  carefully saved for most of my life… now you are telling me that I need to spend my retirement nest egg? One of the most difficult transitions many individuals will face in financial life is moving from being a “person at work” (the accumulation phase where you are saving and building wealth) into  someone […]

Sleepy Market Action Despite Noisy Week – Notes for week ending 9/20/19

US stocks broke a multi-week winning streak, but did so with very “sleepy” daily moves.  For the week ending September 20, the S&P500 gave up -0.5%, but remains +2.4% higher for the month.  International markets also slipped, but likewise were controlled in their daily moves.  Whereas the month of August was an alarmingly volatile period […]


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