Government Dysfunction and Uncertainty Remains, but Tone Improved In Early-’19 – Week Ended 1/11/19

Following the worst performance for the S&P500 since 1931, the tone so far in these early weeks of 2019 is more hopeful.  This is evidenced by broad and strong consecutive-day winning streaks; the S&P for instance was up +2.6% last week and +3.6% month-to-date.  Even stronger are some areas of the market traditionally considered risk-seeking; the small-cap Russell 2000 climbed +4.8% last week and +7.4% in January.  Key commodities viewed as a bellwether to economic growth including oil are also seeing their price recover notably off stressed December lows and international equities are participating in-line with the S&P.  The cause?  From a fundamental perspective, very little.  But Fedspeak turned decidedly more dovish from the worrisome pre-disposed and not-so-data-dependent (toward additional hikes) tone that Chairman Powell conveyed with the rate decision in December.

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“Confused? Understandable”; “Shilly-Shally Prone”; and “Working With Rock Stars” – Nvest Nsights Q4 Newsletter

Below, we submit our latest quarterly installment of Nvest Nsights.  The first article reviews how chaotic, volatile, and disappointing was the market’s performance during 2018.  But more important from our perspective is how swift selloffs like witnessed during the 4Q can cause one to suddenly feel confused and uncertain about the future; in these times it is most critical to step back and consider facts and fundamentals to avoid short-term action based on emotion.  The article “Shilly-Shally Prone” reminds how long-term investment success accrues to those who remain steadfast to a repeatable and disciplined process.  There are two remarkably similar historical backdrops which suggest it is very possible that present-day concerns could resolve or fade quickly against a still-sound economy, providing swift relief to recent market volatility here in 2019.  Finally, “We Work With Rock Stars” provides insight into our investment selection philosophy with rationale motivating several portfolio adjustments being executed over recent weeks and as we enter the New Year.

The full printer-friendly version of our newsletter, including data tables for selected mutual fund and ETF performance as well as portfolio benchmarking, can be downloaded here: NVEST NSIGHTS 4Q.

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Plan for a High Definition Life

According to a recent study, 90% of Americans will spend more time planning for vacation than they spend planning for retirement.   Similarly, we often observe firsthand how many do not truly know where their money is spent; and they do not devote time to gain more clarity about it.  Life becomes a foggy trip without rich meaning.

No one purposely sets out to have an undefined financial life… it just happens to us as we become a part of the culture in which we live.  It’s human nature which spans all of time; we repeat actions generation after generation.  One of the wisest men to ever live, Solomon, offers sage points in the Bible’s Ecclesiastes which can be simplified to these thoughts:

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