“Was the January Rebound Too Fast?” – February Commentary

Thank the Fed for the surge! The S&P500 posted its best January performance in 30 years (since 1989). Following a nasty 4th quarter and very difficult December which ruined the year, the Fed offered numerous reassurances in January that it was not inclined to make a policy error. Fed Chairman Powell shared that policy action would be more data dependent; rate increases and tightening monetary policy would not be on “auto pilot” in 2019; this was a stark difference from the tone conveyed in December. We believe January market action was mostly a reaction to a pause in rate hikes. It provided tremendous “fuel” for the strong rebound of +8.0% in the last month. Hey, that’s a bit stronger than the January 2018 performance start of +5.6%. Yet, there is one notable difference…last January, 51% of investors expected higher stock prices which did not materialize for the year; today, only 31% expect higher prices. Domestic and foreign stocks rebounded, and client portfolios benefited from the market boost in January (note the difference a month makes).

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