“Age is Just a Number” – Nvest Nsights Q1 Newsletter Articles

The 1st quarter was one of the strongest starts to a new year in the last two decades.  It followed an equally unsettling period over the final 3 months of 2018 which significantly damaged investor sentiment, making the swift rebound another textbook example revealing just how challenging would be market timing.   This quarter’s newsletter contains four brief articles.  “Reflections on a Bull Market” and “Age is Just a Number” provide perspective on the progress of the current bull market  and economic cycle, respectively, which are both long by historical standards but need not die due to age alone.  “No Beauty Contest” shares why the treasury yield curve is an indicator investors are monitoring closely, especially now, while “Style Differences Exist” provides color about how we are positioning client accounts with consideration for managing portfolio risk.

The full printer-friendly version of our newsletter, including data tables for selected mutual fund and ETF performance as well as portfolio benchmarking, can be downloaded here: NVEST NSIGHTS 1Q.

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As Markets Continue Rebound, Investors Should Remain Focused on Risks – Week Ended 2/22/19

US financial markets continued their rebound during the President’s Day shortened trading week ended Friday the 22nd.  The S&P500 added another +0.7% and international markets also responded with the MSCI EAFE improving by +1.6% (now up +9% YTD).  Whereas January was fueled by a softer, more comforting tone by the US Federal Reserve and other foreign central banks, progress in February is being supported by increasing optimism over a trade/tariff resolution being finalized between the US and China.  On that front, talks continue to carry a deal-seeking tone; a stark contrast from the war of words and relentless lobbing of verbal grenades that characterized 2018.

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