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Geopolitical Fog – Commentary for June

“The biggest business in America is not autos, steel, television”, or apples. “It is the manufacture, refinement, and distribution of ‘anxiety’.” Such was penned by media legend Eric Sevareid (who was an American author and CBS radio and television news journalist from 1939 to 1977) when the “news” consisted of a morning newspaper and a […]

“Sell-in-May” Advocates Likely Disappointed Thus Far – Week Ended 5/18/18

The most watched of US indexes yielded slight ground during the week ended May 18, with the S&P500, Dow, and Nasdaq each sliding between -0.5% and -0.7%.  Bonds continued to experience downward price pressure with key interest rate benchmarks resuming their inching-up.  Weaker equity performance however comes on the heels of an eight day winning […]

Robust Earnings More Than Just a Tax Cut Story – Week Ended 5/11/18

US equities rebounded in the second week of May, with the broad S&P500 climbing by +2.4% and more cyclically sensitive areas of the market faring even better (Dow Transports +3.3%; Small-Caps +2.9% at the expense of defensive industries like Utilities -2.1%). The strong weekly performance was likely the combined result of unfaltering strength in 1Q […]

Tone Change – Commentary for May

Market participants appear to believe inflation is back and will be sticking around.  That’s affecting how investors perceive the outlook and direction for the bond and stock market.  As such, this may be the first time since 1990 that diversification benefits achieved by mixing bonds and stocks together are changing.  Since late January, both stocks […]


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