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Transitioning From A “Saver” to a “Spender” In Retirement

I  carefully saved for most of my life… now you are telling me that I need to spend my retirement nest egg? One of the most difficult transitions many individuals will face in financial life is moving from being a “person at work” (the accumulation phase where you are saving and building wealth) into  someone […]

Sleepy Market Action Despite Noisy Week – Notes for week ending 9/20/19

US stocks broke a multi-week winning streak, but did so with very “sleepy” daily moves.  For the week ending September 20, the S&P500 gave up -0.5%, but remains +2.4% higher for the month.  International markets also slipped, but likewise were controlled in their daily moves.  Whereas the month of August was an alarmingly volatile period […]

The Geopolitical Backdrop Remains Highly Fluid – Week Ended 9/13/19

Perhaps it’s just us, but we are struck with how surprised most clients are that the markets are very close to achieving full recovery of their all-time highs set in late-July.  Maybe that’s because the media wasted no time in bringing focus to how adversely financial markets reacted to abrasive tweets (Trade + Fed) from […]

“Geopolitical Landscape on Fire” – Market Commentary for September

The current global trade war concern first emerged 18 months ago; as recent as May it was generally believed a US/China trade deal could be negotiated.  That deal on paper was reportedly 80% complete.  At the same time, some trade progress occurred elsewhere (USMCA/NAFTA 2.0), but the US/China negotiations are unfinished and appear virtually collapsed.  […]


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