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Market Alert – “Short Runway”

Barron’s front cover over the weekend (12/15/2018) read “2019 Outlook: US Stocks Could Rally More Than 10%”; while the New York Times front page (12/15/2018) was “The Best Place to Put Money? Your Mattress” and in the Style Section (same paper/date) read “Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?”  Quite divergent headlines on […]

Message to Policymakers Growing Louder and More Urgent – Week Ended 12/7/18

As we noted in these pages at the beginning of last week, we find it simply remarkable how quick the market’s mood can change against a fluid and stressed environment like the recent two months.  Entering the week, the stars seemed to be aligning for those hopeful a more dovish Fed and collaborative tone between […]

“What’s The Rush?” – December Commentary

All the historical hype surrounding favorable mid-term election year investment returns is yet to materialize as we conclude 2018.  Since 1950, every mid-term election (17 of them) resulted in strong end-of-year stock performance because the unknown of political change concluded.  A different stock market stat, again since 1950, reflects that 75% of December returns are […]


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