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Stocks Churn As Eyes Were Centered on Comey Testimony Week Ended 6/9/17

Broadly, US equities were mixed for the week ended June 9, but remain higher after 7 trading days in June. The S&P500 slipped -0.3% at the same time as the Dow added +0.3%; meanwhile the tech-heavy Nasdaq which is outstripping virtually all other US market barometers so far in 2017 slipped noticeably on Friday and […]

Streak Absent Volatility Ends Abruptly on Latest Storm for Trump – Week Ended 5/19/17

Investors witnessed the sharpest one-day decline since the Election last week, declining -1.8% on Wednesday as headlines broke that President Trump may have tried to suppress the FBI investigation into his administration involvement with Russia. As news of that latest twist in the ongoing saga between the new administration, the FBI, and what appears to […]

Calm Continues for US Financial Markets – Week Ended 5/12/17

Domestic equities continued their quiet walk during the 2nd full week of May, experiencing the smallest average intra-day trading range of the year and among the lowest in history. Some undoubtedly find the calm mood peculiar; there remain more than ample worries to fill the room; the sudden firing of the US FBI director, ongoing […]


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