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“4 For 4” – May Commentary

Four months of 2019 are in the history books and investors should be delighted, as January, February, March, and April were each positive performance experiences.  The cumulative result is a total return exceeding +18% for the S&P500 index.  That’s well ahead of the average January to April return of +3.7% over the past 25 years, […]

“Age is Just a Number” – Nvest Nsights Q1 Newsletter Articles

The 1st quarter was one of the strongest starts to a new year in the last two decades.  It followed an equally unsettling period over the final 3 months of 2018 which significantly damaged investor sentiment, making the swift rebound another textbook example revealing just how challenging would be market timing.   This quarter’s newsletter contains four brief […]

Excited About That Tax Refund? Think Again!

Another tax filing season is quickly drawing to a close, and for many people that means the anticipation of a sizable refund headed their way.  The IRS indicates that about 80% of taxpayers receive a refund, with the average being around $3,000.  That’s a nice chunk of cash! What’s not to be excited about?


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