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Volatility is Back, For Good Reason – Week Ended 11/16/18

Domestic equity markets remain up +1.1% in November, but the sailing is anything but smooth. The S&P500, along with most international markets, struggled for direction throughout most of last week. In fact, most days were characterized by sharp reversals – either beginning a session favorably but bleed throughout the day; or sharply negative only to […]

Election Rally, But Lasting Relief Still Elusive – Week Ended 11/9/18

At the end of October, one could almost gather that a some modest relief was returning to the financial markets as the ugly but much anticipated US midterm election drew near and uncertainty over its outcome would be no more.  As it turned out, election day generally went as predicted by political pundits – that […]

“Shake or Break” – November Commentary

Shake or bake; not!  Shake and/or Break is a fitting title for the frightful market action in October.  Markets may “shake” because of tariffs.  But, the Fed can cause the market “break.” Much of the blame for October is aimed at President Trump and/or Federal Reserve Chairman Powell.  Investors are concerned that the Fed remains […]

Bond Adjustments

In recent days we executed several tactical adjustments in the fixed-income sleeve of client portfolios.  We sold or reduced exposure to short-maturity bond funds and reinvested proceeds into position-traded money funds.  These adjustments take advantage of attractive yields available on short-term money funds relative to the variable return potential on short-maturity bonds in a rising interest rate […]


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