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Undistracted – Market Commentary for June

If you travel through the village of Mantua in northeast Ohio, don’t drive with a dog in your lap.  Determined to stop distracted driving, the police are aggressively issuing tickets to curb behaviors such as driving with an animal sitting in your lap or texting.  All around the world, new laws are being written to […]

Investors Being “Tariffied” – Week Ended 5/10/19

Following one of the best four-month stretches for equity markets in recent memory, the month of May is proving more challenging with the S&P500 experiencing its worst week of the year.  Despite a better than expected quarter of economic growth during the 1Q and earnings that are not as soft as feared, optimistic sentiment of […]

“4 For 4” – May Commentary

Four months of 2019 are in the history books and investors should be delighted, as January, February, March, and April were each positive performance experiences.  The cumulative result is a total return exceeding +18% for the S&P500 index.  That’s well ahead of the average January to April return of +3.7% over the past 25 years, […]


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