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Plan for a High Definition Life

According to a recent study, 90% of Americans will spend more time planning for vacation than they spend planning for retirement.   Similarly, we often observe firsthand how many do not truly know where their money is spent; and they do not devote time to gain more clarity about it.  Life becomes a foggy trip without […]

Market Alert – “The Politics That Stole Christmas”

Uncle Sam stole the year-end Santa rally.  The worst December since 1931 and the worst Christmas Eve stock market performance of all time occurred this year.  From my perspective, it is all politics this December.  Yes, our great Uncle Sam “Scrooge” stole Christmas and a small positive investment performance for 2018.  It traces to bad […]

Market Alert – “Short Runway”

Barron’s front cover over the weekend (12/15/2018) read “2019 Outlook: US Stocks Could Rally More Than 10%”; while the New York Times front page (12/15/2018) was “The Best Place to Put Money? Your Mattress” and in the Style Section (same paper/date) read “Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?”  Quite divergent headlines on […]


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