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Resiliency Despite Headlines – Market Notes for Week Ended 7/13/18

For the first time since early March, the S&P500 managed to move back above the level of 2800.  This is a notable achievement against a backdrop of noisy headlines that include an escalating international trade war and a Federal Reserve board that seems to be saying it remains committed to tightening monetary policy at a […]

Your “Family Love Letter”

Did you ever write and share your “family love letter?”  It’s probably safe to say that each of us is aware of tragic situations where a loved one died at too young an age, maybe suddenly and unexpectedly.  These experiences are shocking, and it is natural to catch yourself wondering how those closest to the […]

Are They Driving Too Fast?! – Notes for Week Ended 6/15

Following the most recent Fed rate hike decision last week, Fed Chairman Jay Powell went on record suggesting it is a puzzle why long bond yields are staying so stubbornly low. Yet for those well researched in the dynamics of the bond market and the crowd-based wisdom it can convey, the message is clear: the […]


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