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Message to Policymakers Growing Louder and More Urgent – Week Ended 12/7/18

As we noted in these pages at the beginning of last week, we find it simply remarkable how quick the market’s mood can change against a fluid and stressed environment like the recent two months.  Entering the week, the stars seemed to be aligning for those hopeful a more dovish Fed and collaborative tone between […]

“What’s The Rush?” – December Commentary

All the historical hype surrounding favorable mid-term election year investment returns is yet to materialize as we conclude 2018.  Since 1950, every mid-term election (17 of them) resulted in strong end-of-year stock performance because the unknown of political change concluded.  A different stock market stat, again since 1950, reflects that 75% of December returns are […]

How the World Can Change in Just 5 Days – Week Ended 11/30/18

In our November market commentary entitled “Shake or Break”, as well as periodic updates in recent weeks, we’ve spoke extensively about how the market’s October swoon and elevated volatility were not without justification.  The sudden awakening by investors following conclusion of the 3Q can be linked to persistent worries that the economic strength being witnessed […]

Volatility is Back, For Good Reason – Week Ended 11/16/18

Domestic equity markets remain up +1.1% in November, but the sailing is anything but smooth. The S&P500, along with most international markets, struggled for direction throughout most of last week. In fact, most days were characterized by sharp reversals – either beginning a session favorably but bleed throughout the day; or sharply negative only to […]


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