Financial Consulting

Our twin goals are… “Helping you plan to live well”, and “Delivering financial peace of mind”.

In pursuit of these mandates, we have a strong belief that holistic wealth management is most effective when it is comprehensive, easy to understand, and kept simple. We strive for client relationships that are open, free from conflicts of interest, and collaborative. We desire to assist clients in any and all areas that are relevant to their financial well-being and could have an influence their long-term financial trajectory. We believe that to truly deliver financial peace of mind, awareness and integration among various wealth components is critical. This can mean:

Review, analysis, and investment allocation guidance for employer-sponsored retirement plans, Health Savings Accounts and other non-managed accounts to ensure those assets are working as hard as you are, and aligned with your risk tolerance and long-term objectives for like-kind money. We may properly allocated in accounts that we directly manage on your behalf, while other large investment assets held in your employer retirement plan may not be working in a unified direction; thus one’s overall path may be inefficient or easily taken off track.

Analyze and develop strategies for stock option exercise with consideration for risk concentration, taxes, and personal liquidity.

Assist with setup, review, and allocation of 529 College Savings and/or small Custodial accounts. We regularly assist in the formation of college and custodial savings as a courtesy to clients. Many of these structures are inherently limited in how they can be invested either due to size of plan structure, so why pay unnecessary fees or commissions to some broker who has them set on auto-pilot.

Coordination with outside legal and tax providers – we believe it is important for your personal financial professionals to be on the same page and all serving as an advocate for your well-being.

Counsel & review other financial/investment issues; examples include comparison and evaluation of home/auto financing options; we can prepare an impact studies for these major financial decisions.

Provide independent and impartial review of complex financial topics such as trusts, estate plans, asset titling in pursuit of helping clients gain practical understanding and empowering them with information needed to make sound decisions.

*Clients with managed household investment asset balances below $250,000 may incur consulting charges for some of the above services; when managed household investment assets exceed this level, these services are included as part of our Asset Based Service fee.