Financial Planning

Wealth Management and LIVING LIFE Financial Planning

Independent, personalized financial advice for people who are interested in creating, preserving and protecting their wealth. Financial planning includes the development of "Living Life" plans for your current and expected cash flows, debt management, financial independence (retirement analysis) that will help you reach your personal financial goals.  LIVING LIFE financial planning - its what makes each client unique.

How much do I need to retire and continue living life the way I am accustomed to living?

How much do I need to save along the way to remain financially independent?

How aggressive should I be invested for my age?

How do I balance desires for both long-term saving and debt reduction?

When should I apply for social security benefits or other pension benefits in pursuit of optimizing them for my family's needs?

These questions - and others like them - are very appropriate

They are easy to ask, but more complex to answer because the answers vary greatly from one individual to the next depending on a host of factors including what are one's income sources in retirement, how they are accustomed to living, health considerations, family dynamics, and tolerance/experience with investment risk.

Our approach to financial planning

We aim to specifically address these topic areas and more. Our efforts are customized to each client; information is practical and conservative, yet realistic to assist clients' understanding of how their financial assets will help them achieve goals through various life stages.  This is how we describe "Living Life" financial planning.

Our objective is simple

Deliver financial peace of mind and empower clients with the information they need to make educated decisions throughout various stages of life. And because we strive to create financial flexibility and are independent - not compensated by the sale of products like life insurance, annuities, or otherwise - you can take comfort knowing that any observations or recommended actions revealed through our analysis are truly objective.

Key Tenets of Our "Living Life" Financial Planning Process

We start with the "income statement"

While other approaches start by looking at one's personal balance sheet, we start with your personal "income statement" in pursuit of establishing what is the current "base" lifestyle and how financial resources are utilized. It is our belief and observation through experience, that individuals do not desire to dramatically change their lifestyle just because they retire from their working career.

We Utilize conservative inputs for projections

This means overestimating expenses and rates of future inflation while at the same time underestimating income sources. We also advocate the use of below-average returns on existing accumulated investable asset balances. We try to provide conservative perspective for future "living life".

We Empower and over-prepare

We encourage clients to avoid the temptation to count on a windfall such as an inheritance unless both its timing and general size are highly certain. We would rather clients be empowered to create their own financial future and thereby over-prepare than to see the opposite occur.

We Analyze Long Term Goals

Our analysis can be particularly useful in benchmarking one's current progress against where they should be in pursuit of long-term goals. Further, this analysis can reveal possible risks to the financial picture. Those risks may include a long-term health event for a spouse or an unexpected death.
While all of these are particularly relevant to addressing various questions of clients, partnering with us in this analysis is beneficial in validating how we should allocate financial assets and the level of risk that is appropriate. Our analysis provides clients a very easy to understand and clear picture of exactly how their assets will provide various stages of life, including life in retirement. And, it enables Nvest to be a much stronger resource to you in all areas of financial life.

Bottom Line

It is our ultimate goal to be your "toolbox" for anything and everything that has a "$-sign" in front of it. And while we may not be experts in all areas of life, we have developed a strong network of independent professionals to assist in other areas where specialized expertise may be appropriate.

Showing how one’s savings - their “life’s effort, compressed” - relates to living life:

that’s delivering financial peace of mind.