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“Tragedy or Miracle?” – Nvest Nsights Q4 Newsletter

We are thankful for your continued support and for receiving our guidance and advice on investing and “LIVING LIFE” financial planning during the last year – a year which could either be characterized as a “tragedy” or a “miracle”. Whatever your perspective, 2020 offered BIG surprise (global pandemic, lockdown; or the financial market response to […]

Light Bulbs Reveal a “Better Idea”

In 1967 Ford unveiled a “see the light” marketing campaign for its new Mustang.  That campaign utilized a light bulb which was turned on to illuminate the room with the new Mustang model.  This symbolized how seeing something in a new light can result in an epiphany moment – the message: “Ford has a better […]

Energizer Bunny Breaks Loose – December Commentary

The Energizer Bunny is the marketing icon and mascot of Energizer brand batteries in North America.  It is a pink mechanical toy rabbit wearing sunglasses and blue and black striped flip-flops that beats a bass drum bearing the Energizer logo.  The Energizer Bunny advertising tagline is brilliant, “Keeps going and going…”  When used as a […]

“Life in Perspective: Identifying Your Investment Focus” – November Commentary

Many are asking, “what’s next?” given election stress is ending.  Let’s start with a true story. Kati Metro, 74, was hiking near Phoenix, Arizona when she fell, injuring her face, wrist, and hip.  Rescue workers arrived by helicopter, and strapped her to a stretcher.  Unfortunately, fierce winds caused one of the lines – intended to […]


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