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Entering a New (Mixed?) Monetary Environment – Week Ended 7/7/17

Global markets were roughly unchanged last week (S&P500 +0.1%), but volatility picked up as investors appear to be increasingly focusing on a more hawkish Fed and other key central banks talking that direction as well. This tone shift is probably appropriate based on sound economic readings being more normal including (actually low) unemployment rates, steady […]

The Great Goldilocks Debate Continues – Week Ended 6/23/17

For a second consecutive week, US equities wobbled but concluded on the right side (positive of course) of the ledger with the S&P500 adding +0.2% amid what many investors and the financial media continue to highlight as mixed signals. Bears are saying the decline in bond yields and plunge in oil prices are screaming recession. […]

A Week for Both the Bulls and Bears – Week Ended 6/16/17

The second full week of June, which yielded more flat market performance with the S&P500 barely changed at +0.1%, seemed to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Volatility and the daily trading range observed was up a touch relative to the sleepy pattern investors have grown accustomed to so far in 2017, but […]

Stocks Churn As Eyes Were Centered on Comey Testimony Week Ended 6/9/17

Broadly, US equities were mixed for the week ended June 9, but remain higher after 7 trading days in June. The S&P500 slipped -0.3% at the same time as the Dow added +0.3%; meanwhile the tech-heavy Nasdaq which is outstripping virtually all other US market barometers so far in 2017 slipped noticeably on Friday and […]


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