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“Who’s Driving?” – Nvest Nsights Q1 ’23 Newsletter

We are encouraged by the beginning of Spring weather, and hope this note finds you the same.  For investors, both stocks and bonds finished the 1Q with gains, but it was anything but easy.  Stocks vaulted higher in January on renewed hope from investors that the Fed just might stick the proverbial ‘soft landing’ for […]

Are My Assets Safe?

Nvest, since its inception, has utilized the brokerage and custody services of Charles Schwab & Co.  We consider Schwab to be the industry leader based on its history, low fees, and industry leading technology; it is also long considered one of the most conservatively managed asset custodians in the industry.  While the entire industry continues […]

Special Market Update – Weak Chain-Links Break

Bank regulators were caught off guard last week as three banks failed.  First Silvergate Capital, then Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on Friday, and Signature Bank over the weekend.  Bank failures are rare.  Yet, it should not be a surprise when a weak link in the chain breaks as monetary conditions tighten via higher interest rates […]

“Buying USA” – March Commentary

Buying USA This commentary offers three ideas with a common theme centered on valuation.  We monitor various economic, market and political research to understand the current financial market backdrop.  We hope these topical writings share our thinking about investing in today’s environment.


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