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RESOURCE PAGE: Coronavirus and Market Volatility Updates from Funds

In pursuit of providing clients access to timely and relevant commentary to the current coronavirus market impact, below are links to research and analysis updates we are receiving.  The aim is to share articles that add or enhance the understanding of the root worry (coronavirus and it’s impact on the global economy) and/or provide historical perspective […]

Market Alert – Follow The Recipe

I am hopeful this will be a final Market Alert relative to the past few weeks of hysteria, fear, and market turmoil. The market spoke loudly yesterday (Thursday, March 12th) as it blasted on all areas of the financial markets – gold, bonds of greater risk orientation, and stocks around the world.  We are hopeful […]

MARKET ALERT for March 12, 2020 – “Market Stress”

To start, one should read this following thought several times: “It never feels like a low near the low”. Market Stress is absolutely no fun.  After all these years (over 40), market drawdowns are terrible and bewildering; confounding one’s ability to comfort others when no one knows the future.  We can review history (a lot […]

MARKET ALERT for March 9, 2020 – “Year of the Rat”

Ironic – today, Monday March 9th is the 11th Anniversary of the March 2009 stock market lows, meaning this date was the start of the current bull market advance (we’re wishing it runs longer). Generally, we are not fond of writing Market Alerts, as it often signifies market action that is unsettling to investors and […]


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