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The Next “Financial Eclipse”

The Next “Financial Eclipse” | Jordan Ranly, MBA We hope your year is off to a nice start!  Our Nvest team is enjoying an exciting start to 2024, and we are feeling settled in the new office space at 9757 Fairway Drive.  Please schedule a time to visit! Unexpected financial challenges can obscure from view […]

The Bumps We Climb On – Nvest Nsights Q1 ’24 Newsletter

Highlights from our latest Nvest Nsights newsletter: The Bumps We Climb On – If you knew stocks would experience two bear market drawdowns over the next four years, would you be willing to own them in your portfolio? The Next “Financial Eclipse” – Just as the moon veils the sun’s brilliance, we will all experience […]

Breathing Underwater – March 2024 Commentary

How long can you hold your breath? Can you hold it longer under water, or does the anxiousness of being submerged lessen your ability? Taking this analogy into the economic world of interest rates…when interest rates are at levels above inflation, defined as “positive real interest rates,” it’s akin to holding your breath underwater. Building […]

Always the Same Pitch, Regardless of the Count? – February 2024 Commentary

In 1970, baseball great Ted Williams was quoted saying “a good hitter can hit a pitch that is over the plate three times better than a great hitter with a questionable ball in a tough spot.”  And second, “Obviously you don’t just ‘guess’ curve or ‘guess’ fastball – you work with a frame of reference, […]


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