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The “SECURE” Act

Against a noisy political backdrop and busy holiday season, it would be easy to miss a key piece of legislation called the SECURE Act that was signed into law in late-December that touches in one form or another most all investors and current retirees. We are receiving some questions regarding the act’s passage and would […]

Eyes Shift to a New Year and New Decade!

Here we are… the final day of 2019 and 2nd decade of the 21st century.  The recent year provided stocks with their best annual performance in six years, but what a decade it’s been!  The current bull market has endured over its entire tenure, albeit like most trends it was not without many periods where […]

“Markets Will Always Surprise” – Market Commentary for December

On the eve of Christmas 2019 and the passing of another decade, why was the stock market performance so strong this year when the economic backdrop was so soft?  How can stocks perform well when the economy is so worried about many things, including slow growth?  How many investment forecasters predicted this year’s strength when […]


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