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“Too Many Moving Parts” – Nvest Nsights Q3 ’23 Newsletter

After a nice start to 2023, the market soured in the 3Q.  Both stocks and bonds struggled against a backdrop of too many conflicting signals.  Some data such as resilient employment and consumer spending suggests inflation is easing and economic recession may be avoided; but a contracting money supply, abruptly rising interest rates and energy prices, and uncertain government […]

The Wealth Feedback Loop

Engineers often utilize feedback loops when designing control systems.  A feedback loop is a control that integrates the system’s output back into an input stream to control future operations.  Here are some common examples of a feedback loop: Your home’s thermostat: As the temperature drops below a set target, the thermostat provides input to the […]

Moonwalking, No More? – September 2023 Commentary

On July 20, 1969, American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon when he stepped out of Apollo 11 in an area called the ‘Sea of Tranquility’.  Scientists suggest that the force of gravity is 5 to 6 times weaker on the moon than here on earth.  Would that make […]

“Mission NOT Accomplished & Might Could” – August Commentary

Might Could “Might could” is a southern way of saying “might.” It refers to a possible willingness or ability to do something. Grammatical “experts” claim you cannot link two verbs – “might” and “could” – next to each other unless one is a linking verb. “Might” is informal and used with less likely events (“May” […]


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