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“Hysteria Unmerited” – March Commentary

Does any investor believe the last week of fast-moving negative market action was reasonable?  Continuing our theme relating to seeing clearly with 2020 vision…. from our perspective, and many other research pieces we are receiving, indicates this past 7 days was “hysteria unmerited.”  It is mind boggling how many traders (not investors) display a “shoot […]

Market Catches the Coronavirus: Thoughts Around Current Volatility – 2/29/20

In recent days, the US financial market’s relative calm has fallen victim to rising fears relating to the coronavirus – more technically referred to as covid-19.  In just two days, the S&P500 and Dow have “skinnied” by more than -6% and the loss over the last week roughly -7.5%.  Many international markets are down even […]


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