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“Mr. Kadiddledopper, He’s Confusing” – February Commentary

Do you know, or ever meet, a Mr. Kadiddledopper?  If so, you’d surely remember.  He is a man of opposites.  Kadiddledopper is a guy who lives in a small town, whose house looks badly in need of painting; yard needs mowing; landscaping is overgrown with tall weeds woven in; and a broken picket fence with […]

“Dog Gone ’22!” – Nvest Nsights Q4 Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed a nice holiday season and are entering 2023 in good health and spirits, optimistic for what the year ahead might bring.  For many investors that may feel difficult given the stormy market environment; yet we should each resolve not to give way to unreasonable pessimism either.   This quarter we offer several […]

“The Upside to Rate Hikes” and SECURE Act 2.0

As shared throughout 2022, the Fed’s battle with inflation is the dominant force driving challenges in both the stock and bond markets.  In addition to a challenging market, borrowers are feeling pain in the form of higher rates on mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, etc.  These are the painful realities of reversing the Fed’s previous […]

“Horsefeathers! #$*^” – December Market Commentary

Ever hear someone say “horsefeathers”?  It’s peculiar, so when it’s exclaimed a puzzled look often occurs.  “Horsefeathers” is politely spoken when something did not go right – like I made a bad pickleball shot or missed an easy putt; or a goofy mistake occurred that could be anticipated.  It’s amusing that I used this word […]


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