“When in Doubt, Zoom Out!” – May Commentary

Investing your life savings over time will be an emotional journey.  Investors will find themselves exuberant by rapid growth in value at the start of a new bull market.  And then become exasperated when bear market conditions erode gains and value in quick fashion.  During years of managing investment portfolios, it most often feels like a slow random walk; sometimes like a walk in the desert that is boring.  Since the onset of current bear market conditions 15 months ago, it is understandable for investors to get caught up in stress, anxiety and even unhelpful thoughts and emotions.  Rainy days are never fun compared to sunny times. Comedian and actor Reggie Watts(1) shared this phrase, and  Melli O’Brien(2), a mental strength coach, promotes the idea by sharing about a favorite practice called “when in doubt, zoom out.”  When we become fixated on our anxieties and struggles, our problems and worries, or our insecurities, they can become very intense and overwhelming; even giant-like.  Everything else gets overshadowed and hidden.  The practice to “zoom out” from whatever negativity is creating issue, helps one see a wider perspective and thereby find some “breathing room” or much-needed mental space.  Let’s develop this thought relative to our current bear market concerns or worries.  Let’s “zoom out” on two topics influencing current and near-term market action.

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