“Lowdown on 2021” and the “Journey into ’22” – Nvest Nsights Q4 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  2021 provided a second, actually a third, consecutive year of double-digit investment returns for stocks (most forget 2019 because of how quickly the mood soured in early 2020).

This edition of our quarterly newsletter, Nvest Nsignts provides “the lowdown” on what themes drove the financial markets during 2021.  Perhaps of greater interest is our sharing of what we believe will be the biggest focus for investors as we “Journey into 2022“.  Our personal finance focus this quarter, “Healthy Habits” shares several easy-to-implement “resolutions” that can pack a powerful punch to enhance your long-term financial posture as you set plans for the New Year.

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Healthy Habits

Are you setting New Year’s resolutions in pursuit of being a better version of you? Health and finance are two common areas of resolution focus.  When it comes to being healthy, people often resolve to sit less (move more), eat more nutritious foods, and of course exercise.  On the personal finance side, the most common ideas are to spend less and/or save more.  Sounds simple, but how can we make the resolution more intentional and enhance the probability of success… and your long-term financial “journey”?

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