Keeping it ALL in Perspective – May 2020

Much happened in the month of April, a month that probably felt much longer – “stay-at-home” mandates and related economic shut-down continued, air/water quality improved, oil priced for May delivery traded below zero; yet stocks enjoyed a strong rebound.  “Seeing clearly in 2020” seems impaired now because of too much news.  “Unprecedented” is perhaps the most overused term applied to many topics during this world-wide pandemic event; but so many things truly are “unprecedented.”  As a result, there is no shortage of topics that merit comment.  But the simple thought is overload – too much news.  So let’s pursue a bullet approach to touching on what we see as the important themes.  We hope this format and information is helpful.  Most important – we pray that you, your family, and friends are staying healthy and safe.

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