The Last Mile is Often the Longest – December 2023 Commentary

Shipping and logistics firms often cite that it is the last mile of delivery which is the most expensive and complex in coordinating.  And seasoned runners report that it is the last mile of a race that often seems most difficult.  Some may say the middle mile is challenging – too far to turn back and yet a long way to go.  Nevertheless, it is that final mile which requires every drop of will power and can seem significantly greater in distance compared to earlier miles. As one who does not run long distances regularly, I participated in a Thanksgiving Day “Turkey Trot” with my family and neighbors, perhaps to justify eating too much and watching football later that day.  It seemed do-able and fun when signing up a month before.  And as we began, it seemed easy at first to keep pace with my 11-year-old son; but fatigue seemed to set in early.  I’m certain there are other examples where the challenge seems to grow toward the finish.  Might the same prove true with respect to lowering inflation without causing significant economic pain?Continue reading