“Dog Gone ’22!” – Nvest Nsights Q4 Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed a nice holiday season and are entering 2023 in good health and spirits, optimistic for what the year ahead might bring.  For many investors that may feel difficult given the stormy market environment; yet we should each resolve not to give way to unreasonable pessimism either.   This quarter we offer several items in our newsletter:

  • Dog Gone ’22!” – some of the most friendly words we could come up with to convey the frustration that most probably feel for the investing experience over the last year, but more importantly a quick review of the factors that influenced both the stock and bond market.
  • Snoozer Cruiser – Dreams for ’23”  and “Portfolio Tactics” – We share the key items we are watching; what they might mean for investors in the year ahead; and how we are strategically positioning portfolios.
  • The Upside to Rate Hikes & Secure Act 2.0” – The Fed’s aggressive rate increases last year are not all bad… we share some ideas for how(where) you can get paid significantly more on your cash.  Also, some quick highlights about the just passed Secure Act and how it may impact you.

Click here for the Printer-friendly PDF version including benchmarking and fund data   

We hope these updates are helpful and encourage you to review.  Please do not hesitate to call or email with questions, or to coordinate a time to visit together.

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“The Upside to Rate Hikes” and SECURE Act 2.0

As shared throughout 2022, the Fed’s battle with inflation is the dominant force driving challenges in both the stock and bond markets.  In addition to a challenging market, borrowers are feeling pain in the form of higher rates on mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, etc.  These are the painful realities of reversing the Fed’s previous interest rate (ie. free money) and quantitative easing (QE) policies.

There is an attractive positive to higher interest rates however.  For savers, cash is finally returning a “reasonable” rate… if you know where to look! Continue reading