The Next “Financial Eclipse”

The Next “Financial Eclipse” | Jordan Ranly, MBA

We hope your year is off to a nice start!  Our Nvest team is enjoying an exciting start to 2024, and we are feeling settled in the new office space at 9757 Fairway Drive.  Please schedule a time to visit!

Unexpected financial challenges can obscure from view well planned goals – a sort of “financial eclipse”.  Just as the moon veils the sun’s brilliance this month, we too will experience various “financial eclipse” events in our life.   An organized and holistic financial plan can illuminate the path forward even during challenging times.  LIVING LIFE  Financial Planning is here to help.Continue reading

The Bumps We Climb On – Nvest Nsights Q1 ’24 Newsletter

Highlights from our latest Nvest Nsights newsletter:

  • The Bumps We Climb On – If you knew stocks would experience two bear market drawdowns over the next four years, would you be willing to own them in your portfolio?
  • The Next “Financial Eclipse” – Just as the moon veils the sun’s brilliance, we will all experience various “financial eclipse” events in our life.
  • Mission (Not Yet) Accomplished – Inflation data disappointed to the high side two months in a row suggesting the Fed should not rush to cut interest rates, yet markets marched higher.  What lies ahead?

Click here for a Printer Friendly PDF which also includes benchmarking and data on investments widely utilized in our current tactical strategies.

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