“Life in Perspective: Identifying Your Investment Focus” – November Commentary

Many are asking, “what’s next?” given election stress is ending.  Let’s start with a true story.

Kati Metro, 74, was hiking near Phoenix, Arizona when she fell, injuring her face, wrist, and hip.  Rescue workers arrived by helicopter, and strapped her to a stretcher.  Unfortunately, fierce winds caused one of the lines – intended to stabilize the stretcher and prevent spinning during its lift into the helicopter – to fail.  As the horizontal stretcher was pulled upward, it started spinning faster and faster, like the runaway hands of a clock – over 170 rotations during the two minute ascent.  Katie survived the ordeal, although she was dizzy for days.  As horrifying as the experience was, it’s a bit of an analogy about how a lot of people feel right now.  Seeing clearly with “20/20” vision is challenging this year.  Too many big and noisy developments continue to alter most everything about daily life; we are fatigued by this yearlong dizzying experience.  Identifying your focus is important, particularly in the world of investing.

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