“Tragedy or Miracle?” – Nvest Nsights Q4 Newsletter

We are thankful for your continued support and for receiving our guidance and advice on investing and “LIVING LIFE” financial planning during the last year – a year which could either be characterized as a “tragedy” or a “miracle”.

Whatever your perspective, 2020 offered BIG surprise (global pandemic, lockdown; or the financial market response to it all?).  In this quarterly newsletter we provide brief articles below which aim to provide context about the year we all just experienced and the reaction of the financial markets; what we are focusing on in the year ahead with the dawn of both a new President and congressional political composition; and ponder what unexpected developments might occur.

Our personal finance article this quarter, “Light Bulbs Reveal a Better Idea“, discusses how helpful a big-picture view of your financial position is when the market inevitably encounters unexpected surprises.  We observe clients who partner with us in our “LIVING LIFE” financial planning effort so often experience a “light-bulb”, epiphany moment.

A printer-friendly version of our quarterly newsletter can be obtained here: Q4 Nvest Nsights

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Light Bulbs Reveal a “Better Idea”

In 1967 Ford unveiled a “see the light” marketing campaign for its new Mustang.  That campaign utilized a light bulb which was turned on to illuminate the room with the new Mustang model.  This symbolized how seeing something in a new light can result in an epiphany moment – the message: “Ford has a better idea”, a different approach.

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