Double-Barrel Shotgun – May Commentary

The rivalry between the Hatfields and the McCoys is one of the oldest and best-known family feuds in American history.  For nearly 50 years, violence between the two families raged over who owned two razor-backed hogs that swam in the Tug River, a valley area between Kentucky and West Virginia.  Even though the feud ended in 1891, they finally shook hands in 1976; a truce was signed by the families in June 2003.  With a total of 60 deaths between both sides, it’s questionable that either won.  The Hatfield-McCoy legend was embellished by a brief love affair between Johnse Hatfield and Rose Anna McCoy.  Not sure if it was true or not – as a double-barrel shotgun is seldom able to bring sweet marital bliss!

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