“Mr. Kadiddledopper, He’s Confusing” – February Commentary

Do you know, or ever meet, a Mr. Kadiddledopper?  If so, you’d surely remember.  He is a man of opposites.  Kadiddledopper is a guy who lives in a small town, whose house looks badly in need of painting; yard needs mowing; landscaping is overgrown with tall weeds woven in; and a broken picket fence with peeling paint.  Even his clothing announces a reclusive personality.  The town folk don’t know how to relate to him.  Mr. Kadiddledopper speaks in opposites.  Understanding his talk is challenging and confusing.  “Bye. Sure is cold today,” he says when greeting you on a humid 90 degree day.  Caution when following his directions – turn left when he says go right; stop means go, and go means stop; up-town means down-town.  When he answers “no,” he really means yes, but a most peculiar exception is “Yes” always means yes.  Is there such a real-life person?  Not sure; I created my fictious guy for humorous “fun” with young grandkids.  Ever struggle with a toddler who says “no” to everything?  Try instructing them that “no” means “yes,” and “yes means “yes.”  You may still be frustrated and certain that opposites don’t work.  “Don’t try it” with your spouse, and definitely not in public!  You will discover it’s easy at first and gets harder with practice.  [Italics will denote opposites to avoid confusion.]

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