“Mission NOT Accomplished & Might Could” – August Commentary

Might Could

“Might could” is a southern way of saying “might.” It refers to a possible willingness or ability to do something. Grammatical “experts” claim you cannot link two verbs – “might” and “could” – next to each other unless one is a linking verb. “Might” is informal and used with less likely events (“May” is formal and used relating to actions more likely to happen). “Could” is used to express ability and often refers to past actions. How about a few more southern phrases…”I’m fixin’ to”; or “pitchin’ a fit”; “more than one way to skin a cat”; “you could drive a preacher to drink”; or “as all get out.” [Special thanks to our own Diane Carpenter, Client Concierge, for recently sharing about “might could”; that’s often how commentary titles arise!]

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