“Three-in-One” – November Market Commentary

Three-In-One: This commentary shares three shorter writings about the changing investment landscape.  We hope presenting these ideas is helpful; we share our “radar screen” as we navigate these perplexing times. – Bill Henderly, CFA, Nvest Wealth Strategies, Inc.

Price & Time

October financial market performance is often thought to be scary.  That’s because some of the worst historical drawdowns occurred in October – 1929 and 1987.  Interestingly a number of past bear markets also “died” in October of which several were also midterm election years.  Did you know, that September is more often a negative experience?  October 2022 represents the single best performance month this year for stocks and client portfolios.  It provides at least momentary respite from an otherwise trying YTD.  The financial market system may be “voting” on several changing tidbits – inflation may be peak which some think should lead to a Federal Reserve pivot or pause (but that seems unlikely before 2023); company earnings are softer but better than expected; and upcoming mid-term elections may produce Washington gridlock, a condition markets generally prefer.  The S&P500 advanced +8.1% during the month which generated positive client portfolio returns as well.  YTD returns are still decidedly negative but improved from their quarter-end market lows.

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