The Cushion of the Sea – June 2024 Commentary

A number of years ago, a submarine being tested was submerged for several hours.  Upon returning to the harbor, the captain was asked, “How did that terrible storm last night affect you?”  Surprised, the captain exclaimed, “Storm?  We didn’t even know there was one!”  The submarine was so far beneath the surface that it reached what sailors refer to as “the cushion of the sea” – a depth in the ocean where the waters below are never stirred despite commotion on the surface.  While not possible to duplicate with investments, we try to “slowdown” the oft-fast paced world of “do-anything, go-everywhere, get-it-done” that creates undue stress in life.  Can we deliver financial peace of mind allowing one to remain calm within “the cushion of the sea?”  The proven way is through a disciplined & repeatable process – “buckets of time” and LIVING LIFE financial planning.  We offer several ideas to highlight important themes for investors to consider approaching the mid-point of 2024 – providing comfort in “the cushion of the sea.”Continue reading