“Horsefeathers! #$*^” – December Market Commentary

Ever hear someone say “horsefeathers”?  It’s peculiar, so when it’s exclaimed a puzzled look often occurs.  “Horsefeathers” is politely spoken when something did not go right – like I made a bad pickleball shot or missed an easy putt; or a goofy mistake occurred that could be anticipated.  It’s amusing that I used this word for years and decades. As I considered using “horsefeathers” for the title of this commentary, I’m taken back by its age and origin – originating from the 1900s.  It was used in several film gags from the Marx Brothers’ (Groucho, Zeppo, Harpo, and Chico) in “Fun in Hi Skule” (1932).  “Horsefeathers” is slang for nonsense, foolishness, rubbish; indicates disbelief; like “Oh, that’s just horsefeathers, and you know it.”    Sometime in the future maybe I’ll share about Mr. Kadiddledopper, or the idea of “enjoying your snooze cruiser.”  [NOT, you may develop thoughts that I’m crazy.]

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