RESOURCE PAGE: Coronavirus and Market Volatility Updates from Funds

In pursuit of providing clients access to timely and relevant commentary to the current coronavirus market impact, below are links to research and analysis updates we are receiving.  The aim is to share articles that add or enhance the understanding of the root worry (coronavirus and it’s impact on the global economy) and/or provide historical perspective on prior market corrections.

Above all, we want to stress that we are yet to come across any source that claims to be an expert in epidemiology or has a crystal ball to predict exactly how this all plays out.  To put it differently, “we know that we do not know” the extent to which the COVID-19 virus ultimately spreads, how long it remains relevant, and how lasting its impact will be on the US and global economy.  Those details will only be known in hindsight; yet in the meantime each investor must try and focus on longer-term fundamentals and avoid acting on emotion.

The views communicated in the pages below are, we believe data-driven (that is, based on fundamentals vs. fear).  They are of course subject to change and were created by sources independent of Nvest Wealth Strategies.  We always welcome the opportunity to engage with you directly and be a resource through all market environments, including this unsettling period.


CARES Act resources:

Schwab Chief Economist Liz Ann Sonders provides updated thinking: Throwing Everything At the Virus

Helpful perspective on why it’s best to remain invested: Benefits of Staying Invested

JP Morgan Funds: A page containing to extensive resources including the latest on the coronavirus, market volatility, and policy response: Volatility Hub

T. Rowe Price Insights: Crisis Playbook: Crisis Playbook Blog

Epsilon Theory, Ben Hunt: “Tick Tock”

Schwab Update from Chief Strategist Liz Ann Sonders: Manic Monday

Diamond Hill: How is COVID-19 Impacting High Yield Markets: Listen to Fixed income CIO Here

First Trust Advisors: Is It Time to Fear Coronavirus


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